Its always important to ensure you put your best foot forward in creating a first impression to both your clients and visitors. Having a good and reliable Landscaper who understands your quest in this is Vital. We believe the front gardens and all areas around need the best touch of class to give that appealing and breathtaking feel to everyone passing by. We provide you with Nairobi’s Best Ground Maintenance services with top quality standards and Excellent customer care. We have Vast knowledge in this having worked with Nairobi’s Best Blue chip Companies and Institutions Countrywide. This includes areas such as:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Blocks
  • Bussiness parks
  • Leisure facilities
  • Superstores
  • Schools

We are continually developing successful, sustainable, long term relationships with our customers by being passionate about delivering high quality, value for money grounds maintenance services. With passion you get commitment, consistency and ownership.


  1. Hedge Cutting. Our team strive by all means through use of various tools to keep your hedges all neat and tidy throughout the year.
  2. Leaf and Litter Clearance. Teams are tasked with with continuous day or one time leaf collection in different lawns, gardens and roads.
  3. Shrub Borders and Beds. This are maintained by our professional team of Horticulturalists.
  4. Grass cutting. We always  ensure your lawns and gardens are all trimmed and looking good to every eyes. This is made possible through use various tools and machines.

Best Landscaping and Gardening Companies in Nairobi Kenya

Wafa Gardeners has long been the Best Landscaping and Gardening Company in Nairobi Kenya For a healthier and a radiant life, is it is only important to establish a home garden for the purpose of connecting with nature through blossom plants to always breathe the freshest of air. Almost all man dreams of that beautiful backyard and an appealing from for their home. Surprisingly, very few have the need skills to establish a perfectly amazing outdoor space. Considering the rise of real estates in Kenya, we at Wafa Gardeners have found a need that we believe, coupled with our expertise we are committed to offering the best services to cater for all of your landscaping needs. Gardening in Nairobi is on the rise for perfect homes to improve our living experience and establish a peaceful outdoor space. At Wafa Gardeners, we are equipped with all the necessary resources to offer quality landscaping designs in Kenya. This goes a long way in offering you the best establishment and maintenance services to make your home astonishing. Wafa Gardeners prides for its hard-earned reputation for offering quality services and for that reason we have made it at the top to be listed among the Best Landscaping and Gardening Companies in Nairobi Kenya, offering a variety of services to numerous clients. A proof renowned reputation is the 100% certification by the relevant authorities and emerged as an award-winning landscaping firm in Nairobi. Today, you will find all the details and reasons you need to seek advice and services from the best of the best-Wafa Gardeners. Ever imagined of waking up to the sunrise... read more

Garden Design Company in Nairobi

Wafa Gardeners is an award winning, Premium Garden Design Company In Nairobi Kenya. Wafa Gardeners is dedicated on creating distinction and Value to Your garden design and Landscaping needs; including Lawn Care, Gardening, hedge trimming, Patios and in Supply Indoor Potted Plants all over Nairobi, Kenya We are Located in the Heart of The city, with our greenhouses located In Kiambu Kenya, discerningly, serving both individuals and business. Offering them the best Landscaping solutions In East Africa. We also pride ourselves as members of the Kenya Horticulture Society, and the only Green Landscaping Company using green technology in Kenya. This is in aim to protect and safeguard our environment against pollution. We care for our Environment. Each of our practices is thoroughly discussed and researched upon to ensure it causes no harm to either the  soil or Plants that the Practice will  come into contact with. Our dedicated teams operate in Areas within and Around Nairobi. We have successfully completed projects in Areas like Naivasha, Nanyuki, Nyeri, Embu, Machakos, Nakuru and Mombasa. We pride in a very well  structured and equipped team that makes sure your Lawn and homes are in Perfect conditions regardless of your Location in the country. Our Garden design Company in Nairobi revolve among many areas including Installation, consultations, and maintenance. This also involves other specialized services including on-site problem solving, plant identification and cultural information, as well as site design and plant selection. This is aimed at improving both your indoor and outdoor living experience. Our garden design teams are composed of outside-the-box thinkers who take into consideration your dreams, tastes and preferences, to... read more

Gardening And Landscaping services In Nairobi

At Wafa Gardeners, Our Main goal is to provide you with exemplary gardening and landscaping services in Nairobi and Beyond. Every Plant in the landscape will realize its best potential if kept properly, taken care well and pruned at the correct intervals. Wafa Gardeners is a family owned business with over 22 years of experience in the Landscaping and Gardening field. We pride to have mastered the Skill. Wafa Gardeners offer various Gardening and Landscaping services including, landscape construction and Maintenance, Grass cutting, Grass maintenance, Fumigation and pest control services; to both individuals, homes, estates, and commercial properties. We do also offer Supply and maintenance of Indoor Plants, Seeding, Tree and even Plant Installation. At Wafa Gardeners, we offer a complete and personal services to each of our clients. We always put extra effort in ensuring that the services offered are per your preferences and with the best standards in the Landscaping Industry in the world.   Our services are offered to our wide reach area in Nairobi and beyond. We are never limited by the distance between you and us. We come to you whenever. Our teams are well equipped and trained to offer professional Landscaping and Gardening services despite where you area location. East or West, Wafa Gardeners are just a Phone call away. We are those guys to make your front Yard and backyard Landscapes look perfect.We are those guys you remember whenever you look outside your window. Whenever you walk along your patio or even take a rest below that favorite tree in your Garden. At Wafa Gardeners, we provide both and outdoor and indoor... read more