Gardening And Landscaping services In Nairobi

We provide both indoor and Outdoor Plants. Recognized as best Landscaping Architects In kenya

One of the recent project by Wafa Gardeners in a Shopping mall in Nairobi

At Wafa Gardeners, Our Main goal is to provide you with exemplary gardening and landscaping services in Nairobi and Beyond.

Every Plant in the landscape will realize its best potential if kept properly, taken care well and pruned at the correct intervals.

Wafa Gardeners is a family owned business with over 22 years of experience in the Landscaping and Gardening field. We pride to have mastered the Skill.

Wafa Gardeners offer various Gardening and Landscaping services including, landscape construction and Maintenance, Grass cutting, Grass maintenance, Fumigation and pest control services; to both individuals, homes, estates, and commercial properties. We do also offer Supply and maintenance of Indoor Plants, Seeding, Tree and even Plant Installation.
At Wafa Gardeners, we offer a complete and personal services to each of our clients. We always put extra effort in ensuring that the services offered are per your preferences and with the best standards in the Landscaping Industry in the world.

We are the Best Gardeners and Landscapers in Kenya


Our services are offered to our wide reach area in Nairobi and beyond. We are never limited by the distance between you and us. We come to you whenever.
Our teams are well equipped and trained to offer professional Landscaping and Gardening services despite where you area location. East or West, Wafa Gardeners are just a Phone call away.

We are those guys to make your front Yard and backyard Landscapes look perfect.We are those guys you remember whenever you look outside your window. Whenever you walk along your patio or even take a rest below that favorite tree in your Garden.
At Wafa Gardeners, we provide both and outdoor and indoor plants, trees and beautiful flowers keeping in mind the diverse needs of our clients.

Showcase of one of our Projects in Gardening and Landscaping


We have emerged ourselves as the leading suppliers of Nursery plants and indoor Potted plants in Nairobi, Kenya.

Wafa Gardeners, Your favorite gardening and landscaping company was established on 1989 and have been family run since then. The expertise has been passed from one generation to another. We have since perfected all aspect of the industry and continue to refine them.

We are renowned by most individual and blue chip companies in Kenya with Provision of Quality and perfectly customized services in both homes and commercial entities.

Wafa Gardeners is the perfect name in offering gardening and landscaping services in Nairobi. Our services are non-comparable with us topping the charts whenever we go. Winning numerous awards along the way. We lead the others. We simply set Gardening and landscaping Standards In Nairobi. Others gardeners trust and are always coming to learn from us.

Gardening and Landscaping in Nairobi

Our experience dates back years. We have since perfected the art.

We are constants innovating on new ways to make your plants, trees and gardens look more splendid. We have a committed innovators bench who solely work every day to promote this. At Wafa, we are always making sure we give you the best. Our ways of practice and landscape designs are always aimed to be the best and appealing, not only to the clients but even to their Visitors.

Wafa Gardeners Landscaping projects
As a result, we have accumulated thousands of satisfied clients spread all across Kenya, From Diani Mombasa to Lokichogio Kenya. From big to small including both individuals and businesses. This includes The Suraya Group, Sarova Panafric, China Wu-Yi Company, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Ministry of Lands, The Mwangi’s Family, Kengen. The list goes on and on.


Our clients always love and comment on our perfectionist mood. And we always strive to give you the best.
We stand out from other garden landscapers as we provide you with customized services based on your tastes and preferences. We consider you preferences all throughout our working with you.

Our Complex knowledge combined makes it very easy for us to handle even your most complex Landscaping problems.

We are simply committed to providing quality on a one time job, and even provide you with consistent and reliable maintenance and even more extensive Landscaping services.
We are a business built on honesty, trust, and hard work.
Materials used in our projects are of high-quality to ensure your finished projects will look great right from the start and for the years to come.

This includes Pants, trees and flowers. Not to forget the tools. Plants are tendered in our Ultra Modern Greenhouses in Kiambu, Kenya to ensure top performance and fast growth whereas instilling strong resistance to Crop Pests and diseases that may attack.

Our tree nurseries in Nairobi are of modern features, to provide you with the best of both Outdoor and  Indoor Plants for both your office and Home.

Gardening and landscaping services in Nairobi

Creating a perfect natural atmosphere is what Wafa Gardeners aims from. Hare is a recent project fro one of our client’s home


Wafa Gardeners Garden Installation

Wafa Gardeners ensure you live your dreams by having your dream garden just beside your house.

We have been tasked to provide both Landscape Construction and Maintenance in different areas including Malls, Company Headquarters, Government Institutions, residential Homes and Golf Resorts In and outside Nairobi.
Our skills are a commitment to offer splendid Landscape designs, great Landscape Constructions, Fantastic Maintenance, with Environment conservation in Mind at all times.
We are also committed to working together with landscape contractors, construction companies, management agencies or directly by the main client to offer you with only the best landscaping solutions. Leaving you always delighted, wanting nothing less from as for Gardening and Landscaping services.

Our Maintenance teams are always committed to ensuring your premises look Lush Green and beautiful all year long. Our Work is to ensure gardens are kept in the best way possible standards. This team is tasked with Maintenance of the ready finished project. We believe that our job does not end at Job completion. We create structures and programs to ensure continuity and best results of the projects all year long.



While we do this, we also ensure our Gardening and Landscaping services in Nairobi are carried out with best Landscaping Industry’s standards. We prioritize safety. This goes together with not only ensuring that your gardens are perfected to your desire, we also aim at ensuring that our workers do this without causing any harm to themselves or anyone one meant to use the structures.




This is instilled by ensuring use of safety gear at all times and also the provision of Safety and Health Education in the workplace.
We also ensure that the Gardening and Landscaping services offered to our clients all over Nairobi are Environmentally Sustainable with preferred use of Organic practices such as Integrated pest Management given a priority. This greatly helps us in maintaining our lead role in provision of best gardening and Landscaping services in Nairobi.
Wafa Gardeners are committed in provision of complete and personal landscaping and gardening service.

Feel free to Contact us to discuss you gardening, lawn and landscaping needs. You may Call the numbers provided or even send us an email. Fill in our contact form if you have any questions and we will get back to you before you even realize it.


Best Fumigation and Pest Control Company in Nairobi, Kenya

Wafa Gardeners prides for being Kenya’s leading Fumigation and Pest Control Company in Nairobi serving the huge populace. We have expanded our quality certified services to far and wide counties. Our goal is to ascertain you a safe and comfortable environment in your home. There is no place better than home. East or West, home is always the best. That is undisputable fact. Why then shouldn’t you enjoy your stay at home because of pest invasion which has attacked almost every corner of the city?

We are here to offer the best advice and eliminate all the prevalent pests and invaders in your home are that are causing sleepless nights. We are the future EXTAMINATORS offering full protection you and help you establish a joyful family. Home is a place very close to our hearts and a place where we expect to find peaceful rest after a tiring day at workplace. Wafa Gardeners core mission is to eradicate all the unwelcomed visitors within your premises. Pest like termites, ants, birds and rats can cause huge damages prompting unavoidable costs for repairs or even unrepairable damages like crucial documents filed in the cabinets.

Our services are well designed for easier customization to suit all your needs. Scale does not matter to us. We serve all customers at all levels, we are driven by service provision rather than the size of the premises.

We have a well-formed team which incorporates professionals, equipped with the most needed, modernized techniques and models and unmatched expertise. Armed with sufficient knowledge and the vast experience of our team, we understand all your problems. We recognize the task of controlling the nuisance pest and bugs, which is a major problem in many residences. As a committed team, we have set a higher standard than before making it as the best of the best fumigation companies in Kenya.

We have been in the business for over two decades. Counting on the experience we have mastered the art, learnt new skills and perfected in the art such that we easily detect the slightest pest invasion in your home and applying the most appropriate techniques. Our techniques are environmental friendly, ensuring sustainability. We mind about the future of our Mother Nature. The products used surpass the mark of quality of health and safety requirements thus are safe for children and the pets.

With the rising population in the city, projected to explode by 40% by 2030, waste generation have become unmanageable.

Since most of the pests like cockroaches, rats, mice and certain birds dwell in dirt, they making the once desirable city life a nightmare for many. Due to congestion in the dirty suburbs, pest survival has become very easy. In serving our esteemed customers, we have understood the life cycle of the pests and bugs. Bugged with the knowledge we are more than experienced to tackle all the pest problem troubling your soul. Our advice to you is; Do Not Wait until the Invasion is intolerable, make a quick call when you note a slight sign.

We will be very kind to conduct a comprehensive check for confirmation before taking action. Before we act we first understand the extent of invasion, the unwanted guest-pest and the life stage to avoid misdiagnosis. As professionals, it is always critical to understand the root of a problem before taking the action. The process helps us to understand what we are up against to apply the most effective technique to permanently solve the problem. We exterminate pests and bugs of all kinds, i.e. bugs, flies, mosquito, rats, bedbugs, bloodsuckers, cockroaches, bees, flee, bats, termites, wood worms, wood barrows, moths, dove mates, mites and ants.

Apart from serving residential premises, we also offer fumigation and pest control services to business corporates, eliminating the vermin, i.e. rats, moles, pigeons and other pests that could cause humiliation to your clients.

Being the leading fumigation and pest control companies in Nairobi, Kenya we ensure our clients a pest free environment. That’s our business.

Wafa Gardeners are Kenyan fumigation specialists offering unmatched certified quality fumigation services in Nairobi to our endeared customers. Our services are fast and effective and we have considered the health of you and the environment in totality, our practice is with no harm.

Research and Development has at all times remained a fundamental constituent of our business model, delivering unmatched products and services. Our staff can be called when need arises.

Getting rid of bedbugs

In today’s city life, bedbugs are probably the most disturbing pest which have invaded our homes cause sleepless nights. The bug is a small insect often mistaken with small cockroaches on quick observation. People are wondering why the pest is becoming more prevalent than ever despite being away for more than 50 years and counting on it was a village thing. However, there are many explanations as to why the bedbug infestation is on the rise. Evidently, people are nowadays travelling more than ever and traversing far and wide. Due to increased travels, people are now transferring bedbugs from one place to another. Wafa advices on prevention rather than trying to get rid of an infestation. Prevention is usually better than cure and very cost effective. The best way to prevent a probable infestation, is making sure that you fumigate all the luggage before settling in your house after traveling. Do not mix the clothing you wore during the visit with the rest of the household items. However, in case of an infestation, we are experts in helping you get rid of the bedbugs.

An infestation of bed bugs can occur in clean houses and hotels. To clear the air, bedbug infestation is not a ticket to mean a person is dirty. On the same, note, untidiness and accumulated clutter in the house helps the insect to thrive and multiply. Thus it becomes a challenge to fumigate a clustered home for methods applied to become fast and effective achieving the desired results.

There is no need to throw away your furniture, while still you can get rid of the insect by consulting us. We are here to help you, contact us at any time and we are more than ready to serve you. We have rescued a lot of people who were almost giving up their hard earned assets (furniture and bedding) sending them as garbage. In some instances, some going to the extent of sleeping on the floor to avoid the infested bed. Let not bedbugs force you out of your house depriving you peaceful nights, call Wafa-offering the best bedbug control services in Kenya. For certainty, you cannot continue ignoring the bedbug infestation for long. There is a perception that it is possible apply to-do-ii-yourself mechanism. This is however not recommended as those who have made the attempt have recorded poor results.

Here is how an infestation can happen;

These can be;

  1. Sleeping in a different place apart from home like infested hotels and homes.

      2. Using the public transport like taxis and buses.

      3. Infestation caused by visitors from infested areas like educational institutions, hospitals, and prisons.

To completely get rid of bedbugs in your home, or restaurant, seek Wafa Gardeners pest control service. We will send you our bedbug division unit, well-equipped to effectively tackle your problem. We are the best bedbug exterminators in Nairobi. We aim to keep your house free of bedbug so as to give you those wonderful nights you always been yearning for.

Termites Control

These are tiny insects known for feeding on wood and other cellulose substances. Most of us, in our homes are more worried in dangers posed by fire or flood threats. Tell you something, termite peril is as serious as any of those and even more common.

Wafa Gardeners offers you top notch fumigation services, all over Kenya.

One of the most pervasive crawling pest is the termite. A very small creature but one that can cost you an investment fortune. Since most of our home assets are structural timbers they are prone to termite infestation which can result to adverse damages. Termites are also capable of damaging the office paper work. Imagine that precious article you have with you all the time being damaged by a little creature. This is a good reason to make sure you make all the possible attempt to control any possible infestation.

We are simply the best in termite eradication. Contact us today and learn more

Our fumigation services aims on complete eradication of the termites. We apply fumigant in the infested parts which penetrates to the woody tissues offering full protection.  The insects are well organized, with total determination and are non-selective. They consume any wood part regardless of their age, size or state.

As we converse with our clients we usually classifies properties in to two; the ones infested with termites or any pest now and those that will be infested later. Our best advice is one to ensure their property is regularly checked by reputable and professionals.

The termite control division team at Wafa are the most proficient in the termite controlling service in Nairobi. There are sufficiently equipped to determine a probable infestation within your premises.

The termite control division will offer the following proficient services to prevent termite infestation. Activities include Repairing leaks, gutter installation to divert rain water to avoid damping the foundation, removing clog from installed gutters (harbors multiple pests), and fixing the sprinklers to avoid spraying the wall foundation.

Some of the precautions you can perform includes; avoid storing firewood close to the house, avoid mulch accumulation around the house foundation, and trim the bushes around the foundation.


Most of us knows that itching bite while sleeping thanks to the mosquito infestation in your house. A known fact is that only the female mosquitoes- the anopheles that attacks human sucking blood, while the male sucks plant sap and nectar. Mostly, stagnating water pools are the major attraction of the

mosquitoes where they lay eggs. So, the simple way to get rid of the mosquitoes is to drain any stagnating waters and clearing any bushes. Mosquitoes are mobile, thus if there’s standing water within a mile of your home that could be the cause of your mosquito problems. Additionally, the insect is also attracted by the lawn when covered with sufficient moisture.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Pest and bugs especially can be very discomforting, taking away the peace and tranquil we always hope to find in our homes together with our family. Today, the happiness is being compromised by the uninvited guests which are causing sleepless nights. Seeking professional services from Wafa- the leading fumigation and pest control companies in Kenya, is the first and the most critical step to making your home pest free and provide your family with the best home-living experience. We will be more than happy to know we have made a remarkable impact in improving your life. That is what that inspire the team to keep on moving, and making all the efforts to offer the best to create a solid customer base relationship. Once we come in contact, there and then we form an alliance. Our team is a family built on dedication, experience, knowledge and quality. Wafa Gardeners puts the customer before anything to understand and serve their needs. We feel you when met with pest invasion. Our committed team is available around the clock and can reach to you in the least time possible. We are a committee service provider that puts your needs first.

Wafa pest control techniques are at the helm of the most recent technology with unwavering innovations incomparable to any other as we are the best company in Nairobi. Our technicians are highly skilled and always listens to you. We are professionals with vast expertise in the pest control industry and being around for more the long we have been in the business, is a huge plus for as. We now understand the importance of experience. Our services are not limited to residential quarters, we have continually extended our services to cater for the commercial and industrial premises in termite control, fumigation services, home and building inspections.

At Wafa Gardeners, we accept that the environment is our responsibility. In observance of the health and safety regulations we use the suitable and appropriate products with a mark of quality by meeting the recommended standards of level of protection. Your welfare and that of your kinfolk is our apprehension. In Pest Control and Fumigation we clout on the contemporary developments in chemistry by distinguished corporations like Bayer, BASF and Syngenta that have been named to meet the most rigid health safety and environmental regulations as per the World Health Organization (WHO). To protect your health, your family Wafa only uses safe products registered in the country by Kenya Pest Control Products Board.

The solution to your pest problems is just a call away. Do not shy away to seek professional assistance for the most sought fumigation and pest control company in Kenya. Contact us at

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